Abdominoplasty Surgery Guide

Abdominoplasty surgery is a very common procedure among women who have given birth to many children or have rapidly lost a lot of kilos and need to reduce the amount of flaccid skin remained on their abdomen.

How is the procedure done?

Also known as “tummy tucks”, abdominoplasty surgery consists of the removal of all the skin and fat that exceed on the middle and lower region of the abdomen. The surgery might last between 2 and 5 hours if it’s complete or between 1 and 2 hours, if it’s partial. The complete procedure needs a long incision between the two hipbones and another one to release the naval area from the abdominal tissue. After these two incisions are done, the doctor will lift the patient’s skin in order to expose the vertical muscles of the abdomen. They’re pulled together and placed in the new created position and the exceeding skin is cut off. The navel is also stitched in the new position and, finally, the skin is put back together and dressings applied.

Who is a good candidate for abdominoplasty surgery?

Any man or woman who are normally in good shape, but suffer from a protruding abdomen, caused by the fat deposits or the skin that has lost its elasticity can use abdominoplasty plastic surgery to improve his/her shape. Of course, this procedure it’s mostly used by women whose tummies’ tightness is no longer controllable with diets and exercises due to multiple pregnancies. The cost of abdominoplasty surgery depends on the age, weight and general state of health of the patient and varies from $2,000 to $40,000, in the U.S. .

How many types of abdominoplasties exist?

There is one main type of abdominoplasty plastic surgery and two kinds of variations. The traditional procedure has already been described above. The other two are the mini – abdominoplasty and the high lateral tension abdominoplasty. The first is performed only when the skin laxity and the fat deposits are located between the navel and the pubic zone. This procedure is a lost simpler than the traditional one and it doesn’t affect the zone above the navel. Sometimes is associated with the liposuction of the upper area of the abdomen.

The second one includes, besides the center of the abdomen, its laterals muscles by pulling obliquely from the two arms of incision and, therefore, creating a second axis of tightening. This is possible because of the Scarpa’s fascia, used as the tension-bearing part of the closure.

Are there any risks?

The abdominoplasty post surgery risks are the same as in all surgical procedures: blood clots, infections, prominent scars. However, the abdominoplasty post surgery recovery is very fast and, depending on the patient’s physical shape, he can get back to work in 2-4 weeks.

Patients who decide that they should take this kind of surgical intervention should go to a qualified specialist, because the procedure is not quite simple. The cost of abdominoplasty surgery should be the last detail to influence the choice of a doctor, since the patient’s life and future are put under a certain risk.

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